"Come Spend The Day Fishing

While I Guide You Through My World - The Florida Keys"

  - Captain Billy Rabito, A Keys Fishing Guide Since 1967.

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Fish around the many mangrove islands in the crystal clear waters of the lower Keys for a variety of game fish on spin and fly.



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Back Country Fishing with A1A Sportfishing


The Back Country is a chain of Islands that stretch from the Everglades to Key West on the Gulf side of the Florida Key's. It is a vast network of grass flat's sand bar's divided by channels and shallow water lagoon's the provide food and protection for a verity of game fish, sharks and ray's. If you light tackle fast action fishing the Back Country is the place for you.


Back Country fishing makes for a great family trip. The Kids love it there's always something on the end of their line snapper, grouper, trout, ladyfish, sharks, cobia and a variety of other bottom fish. Usually enough for dinner but we practice catch and release and follow the catch limit's closely. We take up to four angler's and supply everything except what you want to eat and drink. We have a cooler on board with plenty of ice to keep things cold and fresh.


The boat supplies everyone fishing with a license at no cost to you. We fish 1/2 3/4 and full day's the cost Rate's start at 650.00 per day for two and 50.00 for each extra angler. There's nothing like the smile on the face of a ten year old holding up a fish so mom or dad can take his or her's picture.


-Captain Billy


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"Come Spend The Day Fishing  While I Guide You Through My World - The Florida Keys"

  - Captain Billy Rabito,  A Keys Fishing Guide Since 1967.

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